Guided by the Sea, Anchored in Faith

Ownership & Foundation

Meraki Shipping DMCC, based in Dubai, was founded by a visionary woman who is also a proud member of WISTA UAE. We specialize in Ship Commercial Management, Ship Brokering, and Marine Consultancy services. With over 18 years of individual experience and the team’s collective experience of over 30 years, we navigate through uncharted territories offering services that redefine global maritime industry standards. In our dedication to promoting diversity, we acknowledge the crucial role of women in advancing the maritime sector. Our mission embraces gender diversity, creating an inclusive space promoting the essence of the advancement of women into the maritime community.

The Meraki Creed & Ethos is defined by a disciplined strategy that strictly adheres to maritime protocols with a belief in endless possibilities for those who sail with precision and grace. Our flexibility, compliance, and navigational expertise are the foundation of our identity as we adapt to the industry’s evolving demands.

Why Choose Meraki?

  • Navigating with us
    Navigating with us
  • Fleet Management
    Fleet Management
  • The Pledge of Assets
    The Pledge of Assets
  • Your Trusted Partner
    Your Trusted Partner

Navigating with Us

Setting Sail with Meraki Shipping across the boundless oceans, where our seasoned team’s collective wisdom steers the course of our fleet management. Our committed crew upholds operational superiority, serving as your unwavering partner. Acknowledging the distinct complexities of the maritime industry, we vow to be your co-navigator through these waters with our Ship Commercial Management and Brokering Services. Our dedication to nautical distinction ensures the provision of secure and prompt service management globally, merging a fervor for maritime transport with proficiency, driving you onward with assurance and attentiveness.

Ship Commercial Management

Fleet Management

Our distinctive approach to fleet management is a testament to our agility and precision in addressing industry challenges. We take pride in our comprehensive service portfolio, offering customized fleet management, cutting-edge shipping solutions, and unwavering support. Whether you’re a shipowner, investor, broker, or cargo owner, our commitment ensures a seamless and prosperous maritime journey.

Fleet Management In Dubai

The Pledge of Assets

We recognize the significant value of your assets and the critical importance of safeguarding lives and the environment while optimizing investment returns. Our client-centric approach aligns with corporate social responsibility, adapts to changing policies and regulations, and addresses the diverse challenges at sea. We aim to ensure profitable ship deployment, smooth transitions, and efficient operations, utilizing advanced tracking and voyage optimization technologies to stay at the forefront of a dynamic market.

Fleet Management Services

Your Trusted Partner

We embrace the spirit of Meraki infusing our passion into every endeavor in the Maritime industry, making it more than just a task. It is an expression of our ideals, values, and commitment intertwined with our expertise and knowledge. We align our goals with yours for a brighter maritime future.

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